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Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2016


Some friends asking; "Dear ABM...! What was the reason? Why PD (Partido Democrático) should be frozen out of the Coalition?"
I do not live in Timor Leste. I do now living in Indonesia. So, to be honest, I didn't know what actually going on there?

But if I am allowed to guess (make some assumptions) about its cause, then here is my answer.

There were only 3 possibilities why PD should be frozen out?
(1). PD has already made a really dumb mistake.
(2). There were some leading politicians in Timor Leste imposing their personal desire, imposing their power and imposing their superiority by ignoring the "morality and ethically" in political practices, and I assume this was part of what called; "politically elimination" by those who have the political power to build and conserve their hegemony over "those weak and might bit dumb" (just guessing anyway, really sorry if there was felt offended).
(3). Behind this, there was "hidden planning" related to the General Election 2017. So "PD kudu hati-hati".

Refer to the second possibility as mentioned above (if any), there is an interesting question;
"Who was the leading politician that imposing his desire, his power and his superiority by ignoring everything?
I am sure that all mosquitoes in Timor Leste knew well about this leading politician, since he was the only one.
Thank you for those friends who have raised this important question. My answer might baseless. But only this I could say.
Happy Sabbath Day. May our Lord JESUS CHRIST bless those who always keep celebrating the Sabbath Day .

"PD kudu hati-hati" is Bahasa Indonesia. This sentence (kudu hati-hati) is "colloquial language", most times used in informal communication.

PD kudu hati-hati means PD has to more carefully (if "infidelity politically" between "two biggest Parties" truly running on General Election 2017).

Although "kudu" frequently using in informal communication, I prefer (intentionally)
using "kudu" (rather than "harus) in my writing, for some reasons.

For instance; if you are a Kemak people (I my self Kemak oan = highland man = orang gunung), you will find kudu in Kemak Language, which means; choke (lexical meaning), or dead lock (politically term).

Kemak is one of 33 tribes in Timor Leste

In Portuguesa, kudu means: intupido.
In English, kudu means; must, have to or has to.

And also most times I intentionally using kudu (as a steganos) in my writing, because based on numerically, behind kudu, there are "hidden messages".

Steganos is Greek (Language) term, in which means: the way to hide some important messages by using some symbols instead.  

Infidelity politically = perselingkuhan politik

Leading politician = politisi terkemuka.

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