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Minggu, 09 Oktober 2016


"Absolutely Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next US President"

Just to remind dear readers; this is my second article in English. As I told before, I had never written any article in English, unless the first one that has been published on October 4th 2016.

I have been writing so many articles since 2009 til now and publishing those articles through internet, but all articles were written in Bahasa Indonesia.
Those readers that have not been reading the simple part one, just click on the highlight being dated; October 4th 2016, to read the part one, in order you do not missing link. Yet those who have been reading the part one, just skip it anyway.
Just cannot wait to watch the second Presidential debate that would be taking place in a few hours more.
Based on some news that widely circulate on social media; climate change, gun control, social security, and campaign finance reform, likely topics of the second Presidential debate, that scheduled to take place on Monday, October 10 (Indonesian time zone), at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Unlike the first debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican nominee Donald John Trump, in which moderator Lester Holt (physically looking really like a Timorese), selected the topics and the questions, on the second debate, people can submit and vote on questions (voting doesn’t close until Sunday morning), and moderators will draw from those questions in their querying of the candidates.
Unfortunately, I am not an American. That's means that I am not a Yankee. I am a Timorese. I do live in Bali Indonesia, doing my "VVV Fast" that has been taking place over 13 years.
Therefore I couldn't get any access to submit and vote any kind of question to raise some questions. That's why, I have just chosen my own simple question (seems like unreasonable and freaky question in terms of the US Presidential Election anyway) in which I had set up as the main title of this article;
"Who made America great? Man or God?"
Whether this question deserves or not in terms of the US Presidential Election, but one thing that I could say is; this baseless question might would push you to think loud out to find the truly answer.
If some one out there gives his or her answer to this freaky question that; "man, but not God, have made America great (more over by solely rely on man's wealth)", that's means;
"Mr. Donald Trump can beat Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton and then would elected as the next US President, just because Mr. Donald Trump, known as one of the richest man in the world, he can rely on his "personal fortune" to get back America's greatness", in which he claimed that it has lost.
As Mr. Trump himself has emphasized, in his speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC), he described Hillary Clinton’s legacy as secretary of state as one of “death, destruction and terrorism and weakness.”
Trump campaign also have claimed that a Clinton presidency would mean “the system stays rigged against Americans,” “the middle class gets crushed,” “terrorism spreads,” and “Washington insiders remain in control.”
As someone who claims that he knows the system inside and out, Trump maintains that he can transform it to serve the American people; as he put it in his speech at the RNC, “I alone can fix it.”
Since Mr. Donald John Trump announced his candidacy for president, his animating theme has been the promise to make America great again.
On the first Presidential debate (I also watched), he ended his words by saying; "I wanna make America great again".
If so, as one of the richest man in the world, there is a simple way for Mr. Donald Trump to show the American people, including the people around the world, before the presidential vote taking place on November 8th 2016, that he truly means what he says: "He can reach into his personal fortune and spend the kind of money on his quest for the White House needed to get back America's greatness, that he claimed it has lost".
But once more, we have to get back to my unreasonable question; "Who really made America great? Man or God?".
Just close your eyes, figure it out and then find the exactly answer. Don't forget asking God to guide you to find the real answer.
Interestingly, on their first Presidential debate, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton statements that I did really love, when Hillary Clinton saying (at this point she was focused on what she called; "trickle down");
- Building the middle class 
- Investing the middle class
- Making collage that free so more young people can get their education, and so on..., then while looking at Hillary Clinton, Mr. Donald Trump saying in his loud voice;
"That is the politician type: all talk, no action, sounds good, doesn't work, never gonna happen, our country is suffering just because people like Secretary Clinton, had made such bad decisions, in terms of our job, in terms of what going on and so on".
Mr. Trump claims to love America deeply. Although some people (maybe his haters) saying; "his actions suggest otherwise".
When Lester Holt (the host) gave the last question to both of them;
"One of you will not win this election, so my final question to you both tonight; "Are you willing to accept the outcome as the willing of the voters?"
Hillary Clinton then answered;
"I support our democracy. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. But I certainly will support the outcome of this election. I hope the people out there understand. This election really up to you. This is not about us. So much this all about you and your family on the kind of country and the future you want. So I should hope you will get out and vote as your future depend on it".
When Mr. Donald Trump got his turn, he emphasized that he really wanna make America great again. He gonna able to do it. He didn't believe Hillary can do it. But if Hillary wins, he will absolutely support.

But if you asking me; "Does Mr. Donald John Trump deserve to be the next US President?" And I would answer like this;
"Yes, indeed. Based on my personally view point, this great man really deserves to be the next US President, because America, as a great country in the world, needs strong leadership. And the great man like Mr. Donald Trump, would be the right person.
In others word I want to say that; America is too big for Hillary Clinton as a woman. But unfortunately, based on God's design, no one can deter Hillary Clinton to be the next US President.
Indeed...! Neither Donald Trump nor his millions supporters deter Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the next US President by changing the design of God.
As I told before, in one of my article that written in Bahasa Indonesia; neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump knew me.
So note that; I am not talking about; who is good, who is bad, who is better, who is worse between both of them. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are great leaders.
I aware perfectly that I have no right at all to give my own opinion about the both great leaders, who is better, who is worse to be the next US President.
I remain and focus only on main issue, "WHO REALLY MADE AMERICA GREAT? MAN OR GOD? That's all.
Thanks for reading. Hope this simple article would be useful. May our Lord JESUS CHRIST bless all of us (black and white). Amen.
To be continued
Foot Notes;
This article will publish every five days till we find out the outcome of the US Presidential Election. Will see you again on October 14th. God bless you all.

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