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Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016


Absolutely Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next US President

I always write many articles in Bahasa Indonesia. I had never written an article by using English. So, this is the first time I try to write in English, just because I felt forced to do this. Means that I have no choice after got some private messages from some readers and they  cannot speak Bahasa Indonesia. They do live in New York and California, USA.

That's why I have to write this short and  simple one in English, in hopping that the readers could get my points as well.

Anyway, on the 1st October 2016 I had published an article and I wrote there by calling Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton as the President of the United States.

Some readers have given their comments and saying; "Your article makes no sense at all and will end in smoke".

But I had some strong reasons behind this. Therefore no doubt all to wrote that such article, to ensure everybody that H.E. Hillary Rodham Clinton absolutely would win the election of the President of America which will be held on 8th November 2016.

Once more, there is no doubt at all that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidential Election 2016. You may believe or not. Let's wait and see what's gonna happens?

Dear all readers. Just let me say this;

"The United States of America capable of producing nuclear weapons. The USA capable of visiting Mars or other planets. The USA able to buy anything that the USA likes. The USA can build a great Pentagon, can build a great World Trade Center and so on.

But no country in the world, including some of the powerful countries such as; Israel, The United States, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, France, China, Japan, North Korea, Iran, and others powerful countries in the world, able to buy the graces of the Lord. Just keep my simple words and see what's gonna happen, when the World War III comes true ???”

Just minutes my article published, some visitors of my site (I guess they’re new comer on my site), asked me to explain;

"How did you know that Hillary Clinton will be the next USA President? Because you were not an American? Even the Presidential election itself has not been held. How could you possibly write that such article?"

And my simple answer was;

"Yeah, that was true. I am a pure Timorese, not a "Yankee". I wrote my article just based on my own way. I just laid down on my bed and closed my eyes, and everything was clear when I saw the marvelous design of God. Then I woke up at daybreak and wrote that such (freaky and unreasonable) article. That's all".

This meant that; If God didn't show me His great secret, I couldn't write anything, to send some message to the world, I couldn't even write only one word about the Presidential Election of the United States.

So, all I did, include when I set up my article and without any doubt wrote that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States, was just to testified about the marvelous design of God.

Some readers wrote on their comments and said; "I am a mad writers". Some of them even saying; "I am a crazy man".

What I could say is; People can freely give their comment. They can say what they want to say. But no one out there can impede me to to testify about the Word of the Lord. I just eager to accomplish my main duty to testify about the Word of the Lord. Nothing more, nothing less.

As some readers said that; "Your words will end in smoke". That's okay. It might be like that. But let’s make clear few things, I told over and over on my previous articles, that "I am not a fortune teller". I am a "misticus man".

Just want to remind that; our dear great Mom, Hillary Rodham Clinton, had already drunk the coffee of Timor Leste 4 years ago and also had put on TAIS (woven cloth) around her neck.

That means that; became the next USA President is an obligatory. So that, sooner or later, the Forty Fifth President of the United States would set her both legs back in the "Promised Land" (Timor Leste), to drink coffee again and also to put on TAIS from Atsabe (as Timorese Identity) on her neck.

Thus, just let “the world” be the witness, whether Hillary would elected or not? You all can leave your comment freely. I wondered in my heart; What are you all thinking right now?

"Which of the two candidates for President who will come out as the winner? Hillary or Donald?"
The same question but bit different; “Who gonna be the loser, Donald or Hillary? All people around the world would be the witnesses.So, just keep calm and waiting what's gonna happens?

Thank you very much for reading this simple article.

May our Lord JESUS CHRIST bless all of us. Specially, God bless America, and absolutely; God bless Timor Leste and Indonesia too."

Foot Notes;

"Will end in smoke" is an idiom. In Bahasa Indonesia = akan berakhir sia-sia.

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